PID (Prague Integrated Transport)

organiser: ROPID (Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport) founder: Prague partner: Middle Czech
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today: Friday 23.04.2021 12:28, Operation by Saturday
tomorrow: Saturday 24.04.2021, Operation by Sunday

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Short-term tickets

valid from 7.4.2015

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Ilustrační obrázek (letadlo)

How to get to the airport

Complete information about possible ways from the city centre to the airport Prague.

Basic information     published: 8.4.2015 00:00     recent change: 5.10.2015
Information centres

Information centres

Information centres of Prague Public Transit Co. (Dopravni podnik hl. m. Prahy, akciova spolecnost)

Basic information     published: 10.2.2015 08:13     recent change: 10.2.2015
Basic information     published: 10.2.2015 08:13     recent change: 10.2.2015
Request stops

Request stops

Basic information

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