PID (Prague Integrated Transport)

organiser: ROPID (Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport) founder: Prague partner: Middle Czech
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published: 10.2.2015 08:13      recent change: 10.2.2015

Request stops

The number of request stops in the Prague Integrated Transport (PIT) has rapidly increased recently. A system of request stops is very successful in other European cities so we decided apply it also in Prague. The main advantage is that it is not necessary to stop if no passengers are getting in/off a vehicle which leads to saved fuel and also makes travelling more comfortable.

I want to get in a vehicle

The only thing that I have to do is to stay visibly in the area of a bus/tram stop, because the driver has to stop in case that in the area is one or more passengers. He is also obliged to stop if another vehicle of PIT already stopped in the bus/tram stop.

I want to get off a vehicle

If the vehicle is equipped with a request button (with written „STOP“) I will press the button in advance. If the vehicle id not equipped the driver is always obliged to stop.

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