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published: 1.6.2013 06:52      recent change: 15.7.2013

New design of information leaflets and new campaign promoting public transport use in Prague

New design of information leafletsPrague Public Transit Co. Inc. and ROPID started to cooperate with the aim to improve the communication with wide public and passengers. The result of this cooperation is that the travel information or passengers is provided in a more attractive and unified way. City of Prague will save about 1 million CZK thanks to this arrangement. The cooperating partners approved the unified graphic design of all information leaflets and the materials promoting the long-term campaign, which will present advantages of public transport utilisation. The campaign will compare travel by public transport with travel by private cars. Texts written by popular czech writers and musical groups will support this activity.

All the information leaflets on public transport, such as tariff changes, information brochures and maps or schemes of routes were issued in unified style, common corporate design. This graphic design was developed by studio Dcode Creative, tendered by ROPID and Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. Costs of the corporate design were 900 000 CZK. This investment will be repaid within the first year of the operation according to the every year savings of several millions of CZK and the passengers will receive all the necessary information in understandable and attractive way.

new campaign promoting public transport Where else? :-)

Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. and ROPID are simultaneously launching a long-term campaign targeted on the support of the public transport promotion under the slogan „Where else? :-)“. The aim of the action is to present the advantages of public transport utilisation, not so apparent in most cases. The posters will show to the citizens that during the travel by public transport you have time to read your favourite book, newspapers, personal or business e-mails or to learn a foreign language. This is not possible if you drive a car.

The individual presentations are complemented with a little bit provocative texts, respectively with the citations from the novels written by Michal Viewegh or by the popular musical group Mandrage. These posters are to be seen not only in the vehicles or on the stations, but also in such places where private car drivers will see them.

The already presented information by the campaign is in fact just an initial part of the long-term communication concept. Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. and ROPID company will develop a follow up project with the main aim to stress that Prague public transportation is one of the best in the world from the point of view of the International research, because in comparison with the other big cities it is cheap, operating on time and covering the whole area of the City of Prague in every time of the day and night, which is not usual in other countries in the world.

The campaign will be presented not only through posters, but also a number of events interesting for passengers will be organised, for example the event “Metrocars for singles”, the competition in the best love message, regular afternoon concerts will be arranged in metro stations. Prague Public Transit Co. Inc. is planning a number of events for wide public, e.g. a special “Cinemabus”, showing movies in different areas of Prague and its surroundings. Anyone can visit the performance free of charge and the shows will be presented outdoors during the summer season as it was in the past years.

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