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published: 31.1.2013 06:42      recent change: 15.7.2013

Passengers evaluate public transport services in Prague better than last year

Passengers evaluate public transport servicesThe Capital of Prague and ROPID prepared an inquiry together with the aim to ascertain the public transportation services acceptance by wide public after the changes implemented in September 2012 from the point of view of reliability, number of transfers, barrier-free public transport and their overall satisfaction with the integrated transportation system in Prague. The survey was developed to provide the comparison of the updated replies of the respondents with their statements expressed in last years.

We are satisfied with the public transport in Prague – this is the response of 6% passengers more than the last year

The satisfaction with public transport in Prague was expressed by 93% of passengers (nearly 60% of respondents chose the answer Satisfied, more than 10% Very satisfied and nearly 25% Almost satisfied). The inquiry provided in 2011 shows these results related to satisfaction with public transportation services provided in the City of Prague: 87% of passengers were satisfied with public transport in Prague and 79% of passengers were satisfied in 2009.

Passengers are also satisfied with the capacity of public transportation, this was evaluated by the average mark 2,3 (where 1 is the best and 5 is the worst). The results were worse in 2011, when the mark was 2,54 and in the year 2009 the mark reached only the number 2,74.

The satisfaction of passengers with schedule adherence is above-average. The average mark given by passengers was 2,03 in this year, in the last year the average mark was 2,36 and in the year 2009 only 2,56.

Changes in September: 11% of passengers mentioned a higher number of transfers, for the majority of passengers travel conditions remain the same

The survey was targeted also on the issues related to the changes launched by the City of Prague on September 1st, 2012. The daily travel is faster for 6% of passengers, for 19% of passengers the travel takes more time and 74% of passengers were not affected by any changes.

The question about the change of the number of transfers after the 1st September has similar results, 2% of passengers expressed that the number of transfers is lower, 11% of passengers that the number of transfers is higher and for 87% of passengers the situation remains the same. 43% of passengers travel with one transfer, while last year it was only 38% of passengers. 30% of passengers have two transfers, last year only 28% of passengers had to transfer twice. The average number of transfers is 1,35.

Total mark: Number two

The passengers graded a number of aspects of the Prague public transport on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 = the best, 5 = the worst). The questions covered the areas of barrier free accessibility and availability of public transport means and stations, provision of sufficient information on planned changes, comparison of the time of travel by public transport and car, the schedule adherence and modernity of public transport in the capital. The overall average mark given by passengers to Prague public transport is 2,05.

The availability of the public transport services in the city was evaluated by the passengers as the best, the statement, “I can get anywhere I need by public transport in Prague” gained the average mark 1,68, the statement "Public transport stations are of good availability“ the mark 1,8 and the statement "I trust Prague public transport“ the mark 1,95.

ROPID, January 2013

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