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published: 28.2.2013 06:48      recent change: 15.7.2013

Public transport information available in Google maps

Public transport information available in Google mapsPrague Public Transit Co. Inc. and ROPID launched the service “Public Transport in Prague” available on Google maps in cooperation with Czech Google. Passengers can search the public transport routes in detail in the whole area of the City of Prague, metro, tram and bus stops as well as the funicular stations. On top of that they have the possibility to see more information about the station, to study the schedule and to find the best connection.

Not only citizens of Prague can search the best connection by public transport in the City, but this service can be utilised also by thousands of tourists, who are not familiar with the organisation of public transport in Prague. They are offered the possibility to search the best connection directly in their mobiles on Google maps. Special mobile applications were available till now only in the Czech language and this was a difficulty for the visitors from abroad.

Google maps are available in more than 60 languages, so foreigners can read the information about public transportation services in their own language. This transparent and simple service can also inspire passengers who did not usually travel by public transport to use this more ecological option than travel by car, because the choice to travel by public transport is offered as one of the possibilities of navigation besides travel by car or going on foot. Users can currently find the information on public transport very easily on the web pages „Verejna doprava“ („Public Transport“):, as well as on mobile phones. The information on public transport services is also available in each mobile working with Google maps. This service is also available for Google maps application users with Android operating systems and are also available for iPhones.

ROPID, February 2013

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